Porsche 991 Turbo S PDK 635Ps

There are simply no words to describe this piece of art that can make any man happy while accelerating on the freeway.Porsche 991 Turbo S is the latest chassis powered by the turbocharged 3.8 liters flat six engine.This car can do 2.9 sec 0-100 with 560ps and 750nm on the all wheel drive system utilizing the PDK gearbox.


Yes, it is not only beautiful but fast as hell.So let`s talk numbers and see what was the actual power in our Mustang AWD Dyno. From the first full throttle pull we got 559ps and 850nm (750nm Advertised) which confirmed the rumors of this car having much more power than advertised.Car was measured at 21 (Celsius) degrees with 66% humidity at almost 520m(Munich – Germany) altitude with 102 octane fuel (Aral).


The diagram is showing everything you need to know about the power gains of our stage 1 software for the 991 Turbo S pdk With Sdi 9 engine management system.The car was flashed (reprogrammed) over the obd2 port in 25 minutes and it did not took long to confirm all the actual gain differences from a stock to our stage 1 software. 635Ps and 959Nm was the final result after 7 to 8 full throttle passes (ecu adaptation) and there is no doubt that the car has transformed into a race machine.


The AFR(air fuel Ratio) dropped from 12.1 to 11.9 due to our new redefined fuel map in order to cover the needs of more boost and keep the engine cool and safe.The maximum power is only visible when the car is driven to sport + mode and there is no need of replacing any original part of the car to have the same gains.


Enjoy the dyno measurements done on this really fast car :

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