Porsche Cayenne 3.0D 292Ps

Using the same engine and engine management system as the audi Q5 and Q7 this Porsche cayenne has been transformed into a torque monster.Our stage one on a fully stock car can produce 292 ps and 680 Nm of torque.


While having the dpf (diesel particle filter) installed the car was able to produce a smooth curve on our awd mustang dyno.Here is the graph.


The small gap between 3300rpm and 3500rpm was previously produced in stock levels at 2300rpm to 2450rpm.This gap is not fill-able at anyway and was produced by the automatic gearbox restrictions.Here are some more nice pictures of this luxurious car.


The development of the software on our facility.The engine managment system was a Bosch edc17cp44 with original power 245ps.


Amd Here is our Video.

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