Renault Megane RS 265PS TCe Stage 2

The Megane R.S. adopted the updated engine from the Trophy version with 265 PS (261 HP) and offers the same “Cup” and “Sport” versions like the previous 250 PS (247 HP) model.This amazing French machine has torque and horsepower all over the place and it will definitely give you the handling of a super-car inside a track.


Renault has done a great job developing this chassis and with the addition of the 2.0l turbocharged engine has entered the hot hatch race while trying to achieve perfection.So let us start showing some numbers measured in our AWD Mustang dyno.


The car arrived with a complete aftermarket exhaust system and a sport air filter combined with a bigger inter cooler.The initial measurements though shown less power than advertised which was an indication of something going wrong.For starters we removed the second blow off valve that the client installed as it was staying open on idle.Those cars are already equipped with an integrated divert-er valve on the turbo.There is no need to have a second one installed and especially when it is not a recirculating one.Assuming that we solved the problem we measured again but that did not fix completely the loss of power.We decided to tune no matter what and fix the problems as we go through the procedure.


Above you can see the final dyno measurements before and after the tune without the initial problems that were detected. With our  stage 2 ecu software we got 312Ps(constant) and 515nm(peak) power using 100 octane fuel.

After the first tune (obd2 re-flashing) we got some dtc errors proving our initial findings.The dtcs are misreported by the cluster because Renault has a general error raising up when something is wrong informing you about injector faults and the clip diagnostic(official renault Clip) is showing General errors which are related to boost issues.The reported DTCS are :

General Error when some part of the engine is under-performing:

DTC 226322 (Clip report) and 22632229 (Delphi – Autocom Report)

Specific error with instructions about boost issues to be resolved.

DTC1525F3 (Clip Report) and 1525f329 (Delphi – Autocom Report)

The last error is what actually causing the problem and the dtcs are raising and giving you a glowing check engine error on the dashboard.The confusing part is that those 2 errors are not producing any LIMP mode (safe mode) and the car has all the power available to the driver.


Well.. after some careful inspection we located the problem and fixed it.Not more errors on the dashboard and flawless performance.

Software versions for 250 and 265ps:






More available by request.

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