Vw Golf 5 EFR 6758 422PS

We all know the Vw Golf 5 Gti as this was the car that changed the course of direct petrol injection engines for the vw-audi group. Over the years this platform has been tuned for various torque and horsepower levels.

We were one of the first companies in the world back in 2007 that were able to produce 400 and 500 horsepower with the use of a bigger turbocharger and forged internals.Today we are posting here one of our most reliable solutions with stock or forged engine internals.

Below you will find some pictures as well as a list with most of the engine parts that were used in this build.Overall our built engine, can handle much more power with the addition of better camshafts.

The stock rods are a weak point on the 2.0l tfsi engine and if you decide to get more boost with a bigger turbocharger this is the only way to proceed in order to have a bulletproof engine.

As you have already seen the efr turbo fits perfectly in the position of the stock turbocharger using a cast iron manifold with an optional external waste-gate port.

Parts List:

  • Wossner Pistons
  • Arp Head Bolts
  • ZRP Rods
  • Stock Crankshaft
  • RS3 Fuel Pump
  • RS3 Fuel Injectors
  • Autotech HPFP fuel pump
  • Compression at 9.6 :1
  • Front mount IC
  • rs4 140bar FPR
  • EFR6758 Turbo
  • Cast iron exhaust Manifold
  • HG-Motorsport intake system TUV approved
  • 650nm Capable Custom Clutch
  • Athena cylinder head gasket
  • Custom Exahsut system TUV approved
  • External Boost controller Greddy Profec OLED

With our middle boost setting  (1.8 bars overboost 1.55 bar constant boost) those are the following results.

The 420Ps and 520nm is only 75% of what this turbocharger can do with an afr of 11.8 and a very very safe ignition timing tables.This kind of boost and power is optimal for a stock engine without any re-enforcement on the internals.At the end we decided to give some more pressure to it on the top end while doing some fine tuning because after all we are using premium 100 octane pump gas and this kind of fuel can handle more pressure and ignition timing.

The dynosheet with more power will be posted along with a video of the car on our awd dyno in the future.

Software versions :

  • 387570
  • 387479
  • 387418
  • 386464
  • 386821
  • 386895
  • 387445
  • 386876
  • 505204
  • 391082
  • 391084
  • 386855

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