Audi TT 8J 3.2 268PS

This awd 2008 Audi TT 8J will be one of our personal projects for 2017.It is a 3.2 Vr6 DSG (dq250) equipped car with normal injection system and nothing has been changed for the time being.


Using the factory Me7.1.1 St10f275 based engine management system we are going to make every modification possible and go from NA to Turbo conversion to achieve an 600whp goal.


With only a free flow airfilter our stage 1 remap has given a total number of 268ps and 338nm on this 3.2 vr6 engine using 98 or 100 octane fuel.The original power on our dyno was measured at 246.9ps and 303.9nm which is pretty much what Audi advertises for this car(250ps 320nm).


The difference on the graph is clear and as this is only the start be sure that the car will gain much more with some additional hardware.In this dynograph a free flow air filter was used (pipercross) on the stock airbox.

The dsg gearbox was also tuned(cxx version) to ensure that all the power will find the way to the road while making faster gearshifts and higher launch control starts.For more about the dq250 or dsg tuning information visit our special section for dsg gearboxes.



Enjoy the dyno video :

Software versions for A3 and TT 3.2:

0261201337  1037364859

0261208087  1037369364

0261208088  1037369383

0261208792  1037378134

0261208793  1037372165

0261208794 1037372527

0261201868 1037389014

0261201811 1037389068

More available by request


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